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Downgrade or cancel New Relic

Depending on your pricing edition and other factors, we offer various options for reducing data ingest, deleting or uninstalling an agent or integration, or downgrading or cancelling your New Relic organization.

Reduce or stop data ingest

If you want to stop reporting some data to New Relic without downgrading or cancelling, you can configure our tools to send less data.

For how to manage data ingest, see Manage your data.

To uninstall agents or integrations, here are some recommended procedures:

Downgrade your edition

There are two options for downgrading your edition, depending on whether you're pay-as-you-go or not:

Cancel an account

If you're using the Pro or Enterprise edition, or if you've downgraded to the Free edition, you can cancel one or more accounts while keeping your organization.

When you cancel an account:

  • It is disabled, but it's still present in your organization in Accounts > Cancelled accounts.
  • Users, groups, and custom roles remain, but access grants that are assigned to that cancelled account lose all connections to the account. You should also remove any access grant associated with this account, otherwise users may see errors when they try to view it.
  • Any API keys associated with a cancelled account become inactive and can't be reassigned to another account.

Who can cancel an account

To cancel an account you must be a user who is:

How to cancel an account

You can only cancel an account using our NerdGraph API. You can't cancel an account in the UI.

Make sure you're a user who can cancel an account, and then see the NerdGraph tutorial Cancel an account.

Delete your organization

Besides cancelling individual accounts, you can also delete your entire New Relic organization. This takes some preparation, so review the steps below.

Preparation for deleting an organization

Before trying to delete your organization, please confirm the following:

  • Your organization only has one account. If your organization has more than one account:
    1. Cancel additional accounts using our Nerdgraph API (see Cancel an account).
    2. After you've cancelled all but one account, contact New Relic support to remove any cancelled accounts.
  • Your organization only has one user. If you have more than one user, you can delete users via the User management UI or via Nerdgraph.
  • Your organization is on our newer pricing model.
    • If you're not sure which model you're on, see Pricing models for how to determine that.
    • If you're on the older pricing model, contact support.
  • You organization is on the Free edition. In other words, you can't be on Standard, Pro, or Enterprise editions with paid subscriptions. If you have an active paid subscription, see the Downgrade your edition above in this document.

How to delete your organization

If you meet the requirements for deleting your organization, complete these steps:

  1. From the user menu, click Administration.
  2. Click Access management.
  3. Click Delete organization. If you don't see that option, ensure you've met the requirements above. For additional help, contact support.
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