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Remove applications from New Relic

Applications are automatically removed from New Relic after 93 days without sending data to our platform. Key metrics will continue to be available via the New Relic REST API, with the application name remaining reserved.

For more information, see Inactive apps in New Relic One and our data retention guidelines.

Before attempting to remove an app

Before attempting to remove an APM, browser, or mobile app from the New Relic UI, keep in mind:

  • You can downgrade your account to pay less or make it entirely free.
  • To remove an app, you must have a user role with that capability.
  • If an agent is still sending data from an app, you cannot remove an app.

Remove an application from New Relic

Before removing an APM, browser, or mobile application from New Relic, stop the application from sending data either by disabling the agent or by uninstalling it completely.


If you have problems removing an app, here are some possible causes and suggested solutions:

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