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Welcome to New Relic

New Relic is an observability platform that helps you build better software. You can bring in data from any digital source so that you can fully understand your system, analyze that data efficiently, and respond to incidents before they become problems. As extensive as the capablities of New Relic are, you can get started with the platform by following a 3-step procedure.

Get started with New Relic

  1. Sign up for a free account if you haven't already.
  2. Use our agents and integrations to automatically collect data from common frameworks and tools.
Android agent
Amazon Web Services
Browser agent
Go agent
Google Cloud Platform
Infrastructure agent (Linux)
Infrastructure agent (Windows)
iOS agent (XCFramework)
Java agent
Kubernetes integration
.NET agent
Network monitoring
Node.js agent
PHP agent
Python agent
Ruby agent
  1. See our quick launch guide for a recommended path on how to set up New Relic. If you'd prefer to add monitoring for some specific entities and services, use the Add your data UI page.

If you don't see your technologies or tasks listed here, see the larger list at New Relic Instant Observability. You'll find integrations bundled into quickstarts, providing you instant access to pre-built dashboards and alerts specific to your technology.

Once you have data coming into New Relic, learn more about the New Relic UI or set up alerts.

If you're curious about pricing, we have a blog post set up to help you with cost estimation.

Analyze your data

With your data secure at New Relic, our platform can alert you to problems and help you organize, process, and understand your data, whether it's metrics, events, logs, or traces:

Respond to incidents faster

DevOps, site-reliability, and network operation teams need reliable, real-time alerts and anomaly detection to ensure their systems are always up and running efficiently.

  • Let applied intelligence, our hybrid machine learning engine, automatically detect anomalies, reduce alert noise, and enrich incidents with context so that you can respond faster to incidents.
  • Proactive detection: Be notified of unusual app behavior and get an analysis of this unusual behavior sent to Slack. Not using Slack? Set up a webhook to deliver messages when you need them.
  • Get notifications: Set up alerts across your data sources and get notified when systems need your attention. Preserve your attention and control how many threshold violations should fire before you're notified.

Ready to try New Relic for yourself? Sign up for an account and start maximizing your data for free!

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