Insights data retention

With New Relic Insights, you can gain a deeper analysis of your business, customers, and applications through the collection of different events. Data retained by New Relic for Insights depends on your product subscription.

Your current subscription level appears in the right column of the Account summary page: From the New Relic UI, select (account dropdown) > Account settings > Account > Summary.

Other New Relic products may report data to Insights as part of that product's subscription. Insights data included with other product subscriptions does not count towards a paid Insights subscription.

Access to Insights

If you have at least one Essentials, Pro, or Enterprise New Relic product, you automatically gain access to Insights free as part of that subscription. Insights data retention will depend on the subscription levels present on your account. Additionally, all Insights Free accounts get one day of retention for custom events.

For more on the data retention of specific products, see New Relic data retention.

Control how much data is retained with flexible retention

With flexible retention, you can specify how much Insights event data is retained by New Relic. This lets you keep only the data you need, as long as you need it.

For more information, see Flexible retention: Define how long New Relic retains event data.

Advantages of Insights Pro

You can extend retention on all your APM, Mobile, Browser, and Custom event data in Insights by purchasing Insights Pro. With Insights Pro, data retention is based on total events stored over time, which is calculated based on the events generated per week, and the weeks of data retention available:

events stored = (events generated per week) * (weeks of retention)

Your Insights Pro license provides a given number of weeks of data retention as well as a given number of events over that retention period.

For example:

  • (200M transactions per week) * (4 weeks of retention) = 800M events stored in Insights
  • (16M transactions per week) * (50 weeks of retention) = 800M events stored in Insights

For Insights Pro accounts, data is purged based on retention window, not volume. It is deleted from the system once it is past the retention window.

For example: If your Insights license is for 800 million events with a 4 week retention period, your data would start being purged after it is older than four weeks. Temporary spikes in data exceeding your subscription level will still be recorded, but consistent overage should be solved by upgrading your subscription level or decreasing data collected.

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