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Introduction to infrastructure integrations

New Relic offers many integrations and quickstarts for reporting your data to our platform. One category of integrations is our infrastructure integrations.

We have two main categories of infrastructure integrations: cloud integrations and on-host integrations. These are described in more detail below.

Cloud integrations

Our cloud integrations collect data from cloud platform services and accounts. There's no installation process for cloud integrations and they do not require the use of our infrastructure agent: you simply connect your New Relic account to your cloud provider account.



Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud integrations

Connect your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to monitor and report data to New Relic.

See our AWS integrations.

Microsoft Azure cloud integrations

Connect your Microsoft Azure account to monitor and report data to New Relic.

See our Azure integrations.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud integrations

Connect your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account to monitor and report data to New Relic.

See our GCP integrations.

On-host integrations

Our on-host integrations are basically our infrastructure service integrations that aren't cloud platform integrations. With the exception of Kubernetes, which can be enabled in a few ways, our on-host integrations work in concert with our infrastructure agent to report data.



Kubernetes integration

Connect your account to gain visibility of your Kubernetes environment, explore your clusters, and manage alerts.

On-host integrations

Monitor and report data from many popular services, including NGINX, MySQL, Redis, Apache, RabbitMQ, and many more. Learn how to enable them.

Build your own

To create your own lightweight infrastructure integration, use our Flex integration.


After an infrastructure integration is enabled, you can:

Types of integration data

For details about the types of data reported, see Infrastructure integration data.

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