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Data retention for original pricing model


This doc applies for organizations on our original pricing model. If you're on our usage-based pricing model, see Manage your data. Not sure which you're on? See Overview of pricing models.

New Relic stores different types of data for different periods of time. The retention period for a type of data will vary depending on the product, the subscription level, and the feature.

Data retention UI

The best way to understand your data retention and see what options are available is to go to the UI. One reason this is recommended is because your organization may have edited your settings and they may no longer be the default settings documented here.

The Data retention UI page is located in the Data management hub. Adjust retention values by clicking Edit retention.

Limits on editing and deleting data

Once you report telemetry data (events, metrics, logs, traces) to New Relic and it's available for querying, you can't edit or delete that data. This is a purposeful design decision that optimizes New Relic's speed and performance. Data will expire after its data retention ends.

If you send unwanted or sensitive data to New Relic, contact your account representative or get support at support.newrelic.com to remove it.

Product and API data retention policies

Select a New Relic product to see details about its data retention:

Also see the data retention details for APIs, including:

Data components

For organizations on our original pricing model, the section below provides an explanation of some types of data components governed by the data retention rules of specific products:

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