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New Relic data management hub

At New Relic, we're super proud of NRDB, the New Relic database where we store your data. It gathers all your telemetry data in one place, gives you a connected view of all your data, and scales as your business grows.

We invite you to send all your metrics, events, logs, and traces to NRDB, including those from third-party sources. We also recognize that some data might not be necessary for your business goals. You shouldn't have to wade through data you don't need to get to the data you do. And you definitely shouldn't have to pay for it. That's where our data management tools come in: they let you decide what data you send to New Relic and how long it should be stored.

Data management hub: from the user menu in the lower left, select Manage your data.

Along with managing your billable users, data management helps you get maximum value from your New Relic investment.


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Find the data management UI

To find the data management UI: From one.newrelic.com click the user menu, and the click Manage your data.

Ready to manage your data? See Manage data. To understand more about the benefits, keep reading.

Better cost, performance, and compliance

Collecting and storing data in New Relic allows you to analyze, visualize, and alert on all your metrics, events, logs, and traces from across all of your sources. However, it's important to manage that data for cost, performance, and in some cases, compliance reasons. Our data management hub provides the tools you need to understand and control where your data is coming from, and adjust what's stored and for how long.

Cost management

Our ingest process helps you hone your data. For example, data might arrive at our processing front door compressed and of varying quality. Through ingest, that data is uncompressed, decorated with queryable attributes, and evaluated. Elements are dropped or trimmed, all before we write it to NRDB. That way, the data you store is only the data you want most.

Want to estimate your data ingest and cost? See Estimate data ingest.

Performance management

While NRDB is a phenomenally scalable database, it's also a reality that queries across huge datasets might not return results in a timely enough fashion for your needs. You get better performance if you limit the data we store, or convert it into a format that keeps it easily queryable. One solution for improving performance is to drop data to reduce the amount of data stored.

Start managing your data

Ready to start managing your data? See Manage data.

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