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Subscription usage (original pricing model)


This doc references our original product-based pricing model. For more about pricing changes, see Overview of our pricing models.

On May 31, 2023, the usage UI for our original pricing model reaches end-of-life (EoL). In this doc are NRQL queries that customers on the original pricing model can use to understand their usage.

What customers are affected?

This affects New Relic organizations on our original pricing model, which is a pricing model where we billed by various products (like , , Infrastructure monitoring, and more).

What can you do?

If your organization is affected by this end-of-life and you'll be staying on our original pricing plan, options include:

  • Create custom dashboards that include the usage queries below
  • Run one-off queries when you need to understand usage

Details about querying

Some details about querying usage data:

We'll give you some example usage queries below for different product categories.

APM and infrastructure: Compute-unit vs host-based pricing

APM offers a choice between two pricing models: compute unit (CU) based pricing and host-based pricing. New Relic Infrastructure offers only CU-based pricing. This section shows how both options are calculated, and explains what "host" means in these pricing contexts:

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