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Interactions page: Track mobile interactions

In mobile monitoring, interactions are a collection of instrumented methods grouped by UIViewControllers (iOS) or Activities (Android). Use our Interactions page to track the most expensive and slow interactions, and investigate what's causing the slowest trace.

Instrumenting interactions

Interactions are automatically instrumented. For details on which classes are auto-instrumented, see:

We also offer a manual instrumentation of interactions using the following methods:

If you use the methods startInteraction and stopInteraction, the instrumented interactions will not show up on the Interactions page, but they can be still found a NRQL query, such as:

query SELECT name FROM Mobile SINCE 7 DAYS AGO

View the Interactions page

The Interactions page has charts that break down the top 20 most expensive interactions and a list of slowest traces. This includes code executing on the main thread and code executing on worker threads.

To view the Interactions page:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile > (select an app) > More views > Interactions.
  2. To drill down into detailed information, select any interaction, or use our applicable platform UI features.

Drill down into interaction details

To show the full list of all instrumented methods: From the selected interaction, select the Breakdown table link. If you use custom instrumentation for any of the metrics, the category for the class and method name will indicate custom.

For each traced method, the interaction breakdown table shows:

  • Thread type (foreground or background)
  • Class and method name
  • Percentage of total execution time spent in this method
  • Average number of calls to this method per interaction
  • Overall average execution time of each call to this method

Analyze the interaction trace timeline

Each interaction trace period record a single traces until a new interaction begins. To view the trace timeline for your mobile app:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile > (select an app) > App > Interactions.
  2. From the Slowest traces table, select the Activity or Duration link for the trace.

The trace timeline also provides device metrics to help you gain insight into your app's device-level data. The system usage metrics show how your app is interacting with your end users' devices, including database, CPU, and memory.

Here are some additional actions you can take:

  • To view the on-device usage metrics, mouse over the timeline.
  • To drill down into detailed information, select any location on the timeline.
  • To help provide context for the data, click Previous interaction.
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