Data summary page: Manage apps reporting to Insights

Use the Data summary and Data explorer pages to see what data is available to you in New Relic Insights. Want to see what is reporting to Insights? Use the Data summary to look at which applications are reporting which types of events.

View data summary

The Data summary page provides a list of which applications are reporting standard New Relic events, such as Transaction and PageView. To view the Data summary:

  1. Go to > Manage data.
  2. Select the Summary tab.
Insights data summary configuration screen > Manage data > Summary: The Data summary page lists all reporting applications.

Enable and disable events

Owners and Admins

Only an account's Owners and Admins can enable or disable PageView or Transaction reporting for an application.

If you disable PageView or Transaction event reporting, this can affect some UI elements throughout New Relic. You may see some empty charts on some UI pages that rely on this data.

  1. Go to > Manage data > Summary.
  2. From the Summary tab, select Configure data sources.
  3. Toggle the appropriate switch on or off, then save.

Toggling Transaction on or off will cause reporting agents to restart themselves.

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