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Pricing and billing UI

To find billing-related UI, go to one.newrelic.com and, in the upper right corner, click the account dropdown to see various account settings. Here are some of the billing-related UI options you can find there:

  • Manage your plan: Options for viewing and managing billing-related settings.
  • Manage your data: Options for managing ingest of data, which can be a billing factor. Learn more about managing data.
  • Administration: UI related to billing, usage, and user management (this UI is displayed only for users on our New Relic One user model).
  • View your usage: View of your billing-related usage. If you don't see this in the main dropdown, you will find it under Administration.
  • Account settings: Options related to subscription and usage, and user management (this UI is displayed only to users on our original user model).

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