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Add-on billing (optional)

In addition to the primary billing factors of ingest and billable users, you can also use optional billable add-ons to enhance your experience with New Relic:

  • Compute Add On: This add-on applies to usage-based billing for queries you run against interactive application security testing, live archives, and other add-ons as made available. It measures your usage based on Compute Capacity Units (CCUs).
  • EU Data Center for New Relic - Data, and New Relic - Data Plus: This add-on applies when you select the European Union as your data region, as available.
  • Extended Retention for New Relic - Data, and New Relic - Data Plus: This add-on applies if you exceed the default length of time your data is retained. This applies to all your datanot just logsand is a good option if you need to make a lot of small queries or make queries on large volumes of data.
  • Live Archives: Extend your log storage duration by at least 90 days more than standard retention. This add-on is best if you need to keep logs that you'll query infrequently. Live archives also requires Compute Add On.
  • New Relic Synthetic Checks: This add-on applies if your Checks exceed the default number of synthetic monitor checks.
  • Vulnerability Management: This feature is included with Data Plus, but the add-on applies if you use the Vulnerability Management feature without Data Plus.

To get started with any of these optional add-ons, get in touch with your New Relic account team.

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