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With workflows you control when and where you want to receive notifications about issues, tunnel the right information to the relevant person or team, and enrich your issue's notifications with additional New Relic data.

What is an issue?

Issues are groups of incidents that describe the underlying problem of your symptoms. When a new incident is created, incident intelligence opens an issue and evaluates other open issues for correlations. For more information see Use Incident Inteligence.

For a look at workflows and destinations in action, watch this short YouTube video (3:54 minutes):

Required capabilities

Using workflows require specific capabilities.

  • To access destinations: View capabilities for Applied intelligence > Destinations or Alerts.
  • To access workflows: View capabilities for Applied intelligence > Workflows.
  • To create workflows: Modify capabilities for Applied intelligence > Workflows and Applied intelligence > Channels.
  • To modify workflows: Modify capabilities for Applied intelligence > Workflows and all capabilities for Applied intelligence > Channels.
  • To delete workflows: Delete capabilities for Applied intelligence > Workflows and Applied intelligence > Channels.

Add a workflow

The workflows feature is located under the Alerts & AI menu.

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com, click Alerts & AI, in the left navigation under Enrich and Notify click Workflow, then click Add a workflow.

  2. Name your workflow. This field is mandatory and needs to be unique.

  3. With workflows, filter your issues and send them to the relevant destination. You can build a query to filter the right issues.


To set up seperate notifications on WARNING violations, filter by issues with a priority equal to HIGH (Warning).

  1. Build a query by selecting an attribute, operator and value/s to narrow down the right issues you want to be passed on.

  2. Recommended: filter issues by team tag so all teams can be notified when their entities are included in an issue. Steps can be found in the demo below:

For some tips on using tags, see this Explorers Hub post on workflow patterns.

  1. Optional: Enrich your data.
  1. Notify: Choose one or more destinations and add an optional message.


    In any destination channel, start typing and a variable menu will open up. You'll see the names of the variables, which will be replaced with the variable's values at runtime. To use the enrichers' results, use their name.

  1. Click update message once completing the notifier requirements
  2. Optional: Test your workflow. We'll use existing data from your account to send a sample notification with your new configuration. The test only works if there are existing issues that match the filter. If there isn't any data, you'll see this message: We don’t see any issues matching your filter. That doesn’t mean it won’t work.
  3. Click activate to complete the workflow.


The initial limit to the number of workflows you can add is 1000 per environment, and 1000 per account. Please reach out to your account representitive if you would like this number to be increased.

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