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Global Technical Support offerings

The New Relic Support Plan offers a variety of resources based on your service subscription. Check out the Support Plan information, resources, channels, and scope of support below.

Support plans

These Support Plans apply only to your paid service subscription under an existing New Relic agreement. If you have questions about these New Relic Support Plans, contact your New Relic account representative.


If you are a New Relic HIPAA customer, please follow the requirements specified in the Global Technical Support Section of HIPAA enablement - what you need to know and do when you request support and engage with the New Relic Global Technical Support team.

Support hours

Support business hours are Monday through Friday and regionally defined as:

  • AMER: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time)
  • APAC: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM India Standard Time (7:30 PM – 4:30 AM Pacific Time)
  • EMEA: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (12:00 AM – 10 AM Pacific Time)

Support resources

We're here to help you get everything you need from the New Relic Platform. To begin with, we recommend that all New Relic users become familiar with these resources:

You may find these resources helpful too:

Support channels

If you need assistance with New Relic Products, you are in good hands with several support channels available to you depending on the service level associated with your New Relic account. For more information about service levels, please refer to our Support Plan.

Scope of support

What's in scope?

You can have confidence that the Products we make Generally Available are fully tested with the compatible environments outlined in New Relic Documentation. New Relic's Global Technical Support provides assistance for: the New Relic platform and its features and capabilities, New Relic's monitoring and observability solutions, and our alerting and Applied Intelligence features. For issues within Third Party tools, or when tools in your infrastructure aren't working together properly, Global Technical Support may reach a point where we must refer New Relic users to such Third Party or community for assistance. We provide assistance in English or Japanese only.

What's out of scope?

Open source support


For more information on OpenTelemetry support, see our OpenTelemetry support documentation.

We want everyone to monitor their systems, and we're contributing our technology back to the open-source community to make that happen. We're committed to open standards and open-sourcing all of our instrumentation. Below you will find our open source projects categories and where support can help.

Open source project categories

New Relic Open Source projects are assigned to one of five different categories. These categories determine the support options available for a project as listed below:

  • Community plus projects: New Relic-owned repositories with this designation are actively maintained by New Relic. Support requests can be made through Github, Community, and Case Support channels, depending on the service level associated with the New Relic account.
  • Community projects: New Relic-owned repositories with this designation are actively maintained by New Relic. Support requests can be made through Github or Community.
  • New Relic catalog: Support requests can be made through the Github channel. Issues/Pull Requests should be directed to the relevant Github repository.
  • Example code: Project support is through Github channel. Issues/Pull Requests should be directed to the relevant Github repository.
  • New Relic experimental: Projects have no ongoing maintenance, development or support.

Open source support includes

Support for Community Plus Projects from New Relic's Global Technical Support includes:

  • Troubleshooting problems with the Community Plus Projects on the New Relic Platform.
  • Assistance with issues with Community Plus Projects during installation and upgrade in compatible environments.
  • Guidance on implementation and configuration of Community Plus Projects in compatible environments.
  • Troubleshooting problems with ingesting data with Community Plus Projects into New Relic.
  • General usage and best practice guidelines with Community Plus Projects.
  • Identifying bugs in Community Plus Projects.
  • Assistance in English or Japanese only (Japanese customer Terms of Service)

What's out of scope for open source support from GTS:

  • Open source projects assigned to categories other than the Community Plus category
  • Unsupported environments and frameworks
  • Code development
  • End of Life
  • Preview release
  • Troubleshooting of customer environment
  • Troubleshooting third-party tools and services
  • Product training
  • Consultancy services

OpenTelemetry support

If you experience unexpected issues when using Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) OpenTelemetry tools with New Relic, you have multiple outlets to get help.

Support videos

For a library of additional videos, webinars, and other information about using New Relic features, visit New Relic University and newrelic.com/resources.


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