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Data ingest billing

For New Relic One pricing, data ingest is one billing factor.

View data ingest in the UI

For how to find billing and usage information in the UI, see Billing-related UI.

Data ingest calculation

In the context of the New Relic One pricing model, “ingested data” refers to the data saved for your New Relic organization (your set of accounts sharing the same billing) after we apply various data trimming and data transformation rules. In other words, it’s not the amount of raw data sent to New Relic, but the size of the data that actually ends up being stored.

To view and manage your usage, go to the usage UI.

Other calculation details:

  • In the context of New Relic One pricing, a GB is defined as 1 billion bytes.
  • Monthly data ingested is rounded down to the nearest integer. For example, if your account uses 100.9 GBs during a month, that’s counted as 100 GBs.

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