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Data ingest: Billing and rules

For organizations on our usage-based pricing model, the data ingested and stored to your New Relic organization is one billing factor.

View data ingest in the UI

For how to find billing and usage information in the UI, see Billing-related UI.

Data options: Data Plus and original

Your organization's price per GB of ingested data varies depending on which data option you have:

What counts as billable ingested data?

For our usage-based pricing model, “ingested data” refers to the data saved to New Relic by your organization after we apply various data trimming and data transformation rules. In other words, it's not the amount of raw data sent to New Relic, but the size of the data that actually ends up being stored.

Here are some notes about New Relic features and data that do not count towards ingest and billing:

  • Basic alerting functionality doesn't count towards billing.
  • Applied intelligence data reported from third-party services counts towards billing but internally generated data (for example, NrIncidentEvent data) does not.
  • Golden metrics don't count towards billing. (For details about how those are defined, see our entity definitions).
  • Synthetic monitor checks don't count towards billable ingested data. For details on synthetics billing, see Synthetics limits and pricing.
  • Usage-tracking data (for example, NrUsage, NrMTDConsumption, NrConsumption) doesn't count towards billing.
  • Data related to organization and account administration (for example, NrIntegrationError, NrAuditEvent) doesn't count towards billing.

To understand your usage, see the usage UI.

Other calculation details

  • In the context of our usage-based pricing model, a GB is defined as 1 billion bytes.
  • Monthly data ingested is rounded down to the nearest integer. For example, if your account uses 100.9 GBs during a month, that's counted as 100 GBs.

Other usage-related billing factors

Besides ingested data, there can be other platform-usage options that affect billing:

Free tier data ingest limits

If your organization is on our free tier and your data ingest exceeds 100 GBs in a calendar month, your data ingest is disabled until the beginning of the next month. Note that when ingest is disabled, the re-enabling of ingest at the start of the following month may take up to 24 hours.

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