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Billable users: Billing and rules

On our pricing model, the count of billable users is a billing factor.

Learn about costs

If you're not yet a New Relic customer and are curious about costs, first see our main pricing page.

If you're an existing New Relic customer and want to understand your billing, see the billing UI. If your organization contains multiple accounts, you must be in the primary reporting account (typically the first account created in your organization) to see all users in your organization.

What users are billable?

Billable users are users with a user type of either core user or full platform user. Basic users are free.

Other details about what makes a user billable:

  • For users on our newer user model: users are billable at the moment they're added as billable users to a New Relic organization. Even if a billable user has never logged in to New Relic and has a Pending invite tag in the UI, they're still billable.
  • For our primary user billing version: there's a per-month charge for a billable user, and no pro-rating. This means that whether a user is a billable user type for an entire month or for only an hour during that month, it costs the same. Learn more about user calculations.

Manage users

For how to manage users, see User management.

Versions of user billing

There are two versions of how we bill for users:

  • Primary user billing version. This is our newer version: it bills based on the total number of billable users in a month. This is the version all newly created New Relic organizations have, and is the version your organization probably has.
  • Original user billing version. This is our older version, which some organizations still have.

Which version your organization has governs how user billing works and some user downgrade rules. These rules are covered in more detail below.

Not sure which version you're on? Here are some tips:

  • On the Plan summary page in the billing UI, if you see monthly provisioned users, you're on the original version.
  • On your invoice, if you see New Relic One - Pro Users or New Relic One - Enterprise Users, you're on the original version. If that includes a user type (like New Relic - Pro Full Platform Users), you're on the newer version.

Primary user billing version

You can use the usage UI to get an overview of your billable user count. If you need more detail than the UI provides, you can also run usage-related NRQL queries.

Tiered pricing

Some organizations have access to tiered pricing for billable users. For details on that, see Tiered pricing.

Original user billing version

Here are details about our original user billing version:

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