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Zookeeper monitoring integration

Our Apache ZooKeeper integration monitors the performance of your ZooKeeper clusters, helping you manage and synchronize your distributed systems. Our Apache ZooKeeper integration gives you a pre-built dashboard that includes cluster-level and node-level metrics.

After setting up the integration with New Relic, see your data in dashboards like these, right out of the box.

Complete the following steps to install the integration:

Install the infrastructure agent

To use the Zookeeper integration, you need to first install the infrastructure agent on the same host. The infrastructure agent monitors the host itself, while the integration you'll install in the next step extends your monitoring with Zookeeper-specific data.

Use NRI-Flex to capture metrics

Flex allows you to capture Apache Zookeeper metrics. It comes bundled with the New Relic infrastructure agent you installed in the previous step.

  1. Create a file named zookeeper-config.yml in the /newrelic-infra/integrations.d path.

  2. Update the zookeeper-config.yml with the following configuration example:

    - name: nri-flex
    # interval: 30s
    name: zookeeperFlex
    - name: zookeeper
    event_type: zkSample
    - run: echo mntr | nc localhost 2181 ## change to your zookeeper server
    split_by: "\t" ## split by tab
    snake_to_camel: true
    myCustomAttr: theValue ## inject your own additional custom attributes

Restart the New Relic infrastructure agent

Before you can start reading your data, use the instructions in our infrastructure agent docs to restart your infrastructure agent:

sudo systemctl restart newrelic-infra.service

Find your data

You can choose our pre-built dashboard template named Apache ZooKeeper to monitor your Zookeeper application metrics. Follow these steps to use our pre-built dashboard template:

  1. From one.newrelic.com, go to the + Add data page.
  2. Click on Dashboards.
  3. In the search bar, type apache zookeeper.
  4. The ZooKeeper dashboard should appear. Click on it to install it.

Your Apache ZooKeeper dashboard is considered a custom dashboard and can be found in the Dashboards UI. For docs on using and editing dashboards, see our dashboard docs.

When you use the nri-flex integration your metrics will be exported into the given EVENT_TYPE. Here is a NRQL query to check the number of znodes in the ZooKeeper namespace with a nri-flex integration:

SELECT latest(zkZnodeCount)

What's next?

To learn more about building NRQL queries and generating dashboards, check out these docs:

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