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Introduction to the query builder

With the query builder, you can run queries of your data to create custom charts and other visualizations. You can also build custom dashboards containing multiple charts.

Why it matters

Modern business systems are a complex maze of data-generating elements. You need an easy, solid way to fetch, analyze, and visualize the never-ending stream of data flowing from your daily working activities.

Use the query builder to:

  • Quickly access your data and build customized charts to learn and understand the health of your infrastructure, applications, and other services.
  • Add charts to your dashboards to obtain a complete real-time view of the state of your system.
  • Share your charts with colleagues or users in just two clicks.
  • Get acquainted with querying by using basic mode, then switch to advanced mode to refine your charts using NRQL.
  • Create NRQL alerts from the queries you build and run.

one.newrelic.com > Query your data: Run queries of your data to create custom charts, other visualizations, and NRQL alerts.

Get started

Before querying, you may want to read Introduction to querying and how to explore your data.

To find the query builder, go to one.newrelic.com and click Query your data.

Use the query builder: basic and advanced modes

The query builder has several modes:


You can also switch to the Data explorer tab at any time to browse your data and create charts visually, without performing queries.

See Use basic mode for more information about this feature.

You can switch between basic and advanced modes while defining your query in order to:

  • customize some of the values.
  • learn how NRQL queries are structured using the data you specified in basic mode.


If you build your query in basic mode and update it using advanced mode, you cannot return to basic mode to edit that query. You must make any additional changes in advanced (NRQL) mode.

Once you specify the data you want, your chart is ready to view. Your query automatically runs in basic mode as you make changes to the inputs. If using advanced (NRQL or PromQL-style) mode, run your query.

Use your charts

Once you have built your chart you can:

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