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Monitor ActiveMQ with the JMX integration

With our ActiveMQ dashboards, you can easily track your ActiveMQ logs, keep an eye on your critical brokers, and get a total overview of all components of your messaging system. Built with our infrastructure agent and our JMX integration, ActiveMQ take advantage of JMX scraping so you can view all your most important data, all in one place.

After setting up ActiveMQ with New Relic, your data will display in dashboards like these, right out of the box.

Install the JMX integration

Before getting ActiveMQ data into New Relic, first install our infrastructure agent, then expose your metrics by installing the JMX integration. If you haven't already:

Configure the JMX integration for ActiveMQ

Our ActiveMQ dashboard takes data scraped from your JMX integration and translates it into dashboards. By storing all your data in New Relic, you've a one stop shop to get a full overview of your system's health and critical business points.

If you haven't already, you'll need to install our JMX monitoring integration. You'll need to make some additional configurations once it's installed.

Get ActiveMQ metrics in a dashboard

Once you've installed the ActiveMQ quickstart, you can see your critical ActiveMQ data in New Relic using our pre-built dashboard.

Explore on one.newrelic.com using NRQL the metrics stored on the event_type.

Example query:

FROM JVMSampleActiveMQ SELECT latest(TotalProducerCount), latest(TotalConsumerCount)

What's next?

To learn more about building NRQL queries and generating dashboards, check out these docs:

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