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AWS Lambda Extensions Telemetry API integration

Work in progress

The New Relic AWS Lambda Telemetry extension allows users to send telemetry data straight from their lambda functions into New Relic, with no need to set up triggers or connect Amazon CloudWatch. Send your logs, events, metrics, and traces by adding the extension as the layer, and get insights from your data instantly on the New Relic platform.


  1. In the AWS Console go to Lambda > Functions and choose the function you'd like to ingest data from.

  2. Select Layers > Add Layer.

  3. In Choose a layer select the Specify a layer by providing the ARN option.

  4. Go to https://layers.newrelic-external.com/, search for AwsLambdaExtension in your region to find the ARN with the most recent layer version, and then paste that in the ARN field back in your AWS console. If you can't find the AwsLambdaExtension, use the following pattern to get arn:


To get the most recent version of the extension, select Version 1 and click Save. Then click Edit and select the highest version available. 5. Go to Configuration, select Environment variables and add Key: NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY Value: YOUR_LICENSE_KEY. Note: Key: NEW_RELIC_ACCOUNT_ID is an optional parameter and has to be set to your New Relic account ID.

To verify that set up has been done correctly, click the Test button in code section.

Find your data

You can find your data on New Relic by navigating to https://one.newrelic.com/ and one of these categories in the left-hand menu: Logs or Metrics & events, or ...Add More > Traces.


Logs can be filtered by specific attributes set. Click Attributes in left menu and then choose the attributes of interest. For example:

NEWRELIC > SOURCE > api.logs
AWS > EXTENSION.NAME > AwsLambdaExtension
PLUGIN > TYPE > lambda extension


Metrics sent by the extension are prefixed with aws.telemetry.lambda_ext.. Currently there are 6 AWS lambda metrics:



To see event sent by this extension, in Custom events section look for AwsLambdaExtension. Currently there are twelve event types:


You can filter the data further under the Dimensions menu.


Trace data are displayed in Traces tab. To see traces sent by the extension, search for `AwsLambdaExtension'.

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