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Amazon ECS/ECR monitoring integration


Enable the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration to monitor all CloudWatch metrics from your AWS services, including custom namespaces. Individual integrations are no longer our recommended option.

New Relic infrastructure integrations include an integration for reporting your Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) data and your Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) data to New Relic products. This document explains the integration's features, how to activate it, and what data can be reported.


New Relic also offers an ECS on-host integration, which reports a different data set than this cloud integration. For complete ECS monitoring, we recommend enabling both integrations.


With New Relic's ECS/ECR monitoring integration, you can monitor reserved vs. utilized capacity, task execution, and registry of containers. AWS integration data is also available for analysis and chart creation.

Activate integration

To enable this integration, follow standard procedures to Connect AWS services to New Relic.

If you have services running on ECS, you can also enable monitoring of those services.


In AWS, you have to opt-in for the new ARN format (announcement) to differentiate services with the same name in different clusters. If not, you could have data collision

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

Default polling information for the Amazon ECS/ECR integration:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Amazon CloudWatch data interval: 1 minute or 5 minutes

Find and use data

To find this integration's data, go to one.newrelic.com > Infrastructure > AWS and select one of the Amazon ECS/ECR integration links.

You can query and explore your data using the ComputeSample event type. Use a provider value of EcsCluster for cluster data, or a provider value of EcsService for cluster-service data.

The integration collects these ECR/ECS definitions:




This dimension filters the data you request for all resources in a specified cluster. All Amazon ECS metrics are filtered by ClusterName.


This dimension filters the data you request for all resources in a specified service within a specified cluster.

For more on how to find and use integration data, see Understand integration data.

Metric data

The ECS/ECR integration collects the following data:


For full descriptions of these metrics, see Amazon's documentation on ECS and ECR.

Cluster and service metrics


Data type





Cluster metrics


Data type





Service metrics



Active Service

The number of services that are running on the cluster in an ACTIVE state

Pending Tasks

Number of tasks in the cluster that are in PENDING state

Running Tasks

Number of tasks in the cluster that are in RUNNING state

Registered Instances

Number of container instances registered into the cluster

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