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Introduction to AWS integrations

Amazon integrations let you monitor your AWS data in several New Relic features. Enabling the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration is the recommended solution to monitor all CloudWatch metrics from all AWS services (including custom namespaces). On top of this, additional integrations are available to get extended visibility on key AWS services beyond the available CloudWatch metrics. For a full reference of the supported metrics, please check the available CloudWatch metrics for each service in the AWS documentation pages.

Connect AWS and New Relic

In order to obtain AWS data, follow the procedure to connect AWS to New Relic.

Additional API Polling integrations can be enabled on top of the AWS CloudWatch metric streams in order to pull data that's not available as CloudWatch metrics. The following integrations are not replaced by the metric streams:

  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS Health
  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • AWS X-Ray

Finally, other integrations may require additional configurations in your AWS account:

Integrations and AWS costs

Keep in mind the following items:

  • AWS CloudWatch metric streams pricing is defined based on the number of metric updates. For up-to-date pricing information check AWS CloudWatch Pricing.
  • AWS Kinesis Data Firehose is used as the delivery method. For details, see the AWS Firehose pricing page.
  • AWS Config can be optionally enabled in your AWS account, and used to enrich CloudWatch metrics with resource metadata. With AWS Config, you are charged based on the number of configuration items recorded. See the AWS Config pricing page for details.
  • AWS Resource Groups Tagging API is used to enrich metrics with custom tags defined in the associated AWS resources (applicable to both polling and metric streams).
  • If polling integrations are enabled (instead of metric streams), New Relic uses the Amazon CloudWatch API to obtain metrics from the AWS services you monitor. The number of calls to the CloudWatch API increases as you enable more integrations. Add AWS resources to those integrations, or scale those integrations across more regions. This can cause requests to the CloudWatch API to exceed the 1 million free limits granted by AWS and increase your CloudWatch bill.
  • AWS offers enhanced monitoring for some of their services which allows for more metrics, more often. For example, see RDS enhanced monitoring costs.

View your AWS data

Once you finish configuration, data from your AWS services reports directly to New Relic. AWS entities for many services are listed in our entity explorer. Metrics and events appear in metrics and events. AWS data is also visible in the infrastructure UI.

To view your AWS data: Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > AWS. For any of the AWS integrations listed:

  • For active streams, select the Explore your data link.


  • For other integrations, browse the available dashboard or click on the Explore Data link.

You can view and reuse NRQL queries both in the pre-configured and in the Events explorer dashboards. This allows you to tailor queries to your specific needs.

Region availability

Most AWS services offer regional endpoints to reduce data latency between cloud resources and applications. New Relic can obtain monitoring data from services and endpoints that are located in all AWS regions, except China.

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