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AWS Auto Scaling monitoring integration


Enable the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration to monitor all CloudWatch metrics from your AWS services, including custom namespaces. Individual integrations are no longer our recommended option.

The AWS Auto Scaling service allows launching or terminating Amazon EC2 instances automatically. It helps dynamically adapt Amazon EC2 capacity based on user-defined policies, schedules, and health checks.

New Relic infrastructure integrations include an AWS Auto Scaling integration that reports data about groups from your Auto Scaling service to New Relic products. This document explains how to activate this integration and describes the data that can be reported.

Activate integration

To enable this integration:

  1. Follow standard procedures to connect AWS services to New Relic.
  2. Enable Auto Scaling group metrics so that AWS Auto Scaling will send sampled data to CloudWatch every minute.

To enable group metrics using the console:

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/.
  2. From the navigation pane, select Auto Scaling Groups > (select your group).
  3. From the Monitoring tab, select Auto Scaling Metrics > Enable Group Metrics Collection or Display > Auto Scaling.

Configuration and polling

Default polling information for the AWS Auto Scaling integration:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Amazon CloudWatch data interval: 1 minute by default

To change the polling frequency and filter data, use configuration options.

Find and use data

To view integration data, go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > AWS, then select one of the AWS Auto Scaling integration links.

You can query and explore your data using these event types:

  • AutoScalingInstanceSample
  • AutoScalingGroupSample
  • AutoScalingLaunchConfigurationSample
  • AutoScalingPolicySample
  • AutoScalingRegionLimitSample

Metric data

This infrastructure integration collects the following AWS Auto Scaling data:




The number of instances that the Auto Scaling group attempts to maintain.


The number of instances that are running as part of the Auto Scaling group.


The maximum size of the Auto Scaling group.


The minimum size of the Auto Scaling group.


The number of instances that are pending and not yet in service.


The number of instances that are in a "standby" state.


The number of instances that are in the process of terminating.


The total number of instances in the Auto Scaling group.

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