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Integrations and managed policies

In order to use infrastructure integrations, you need to grant New Relic permission to read the relevant data from your account. Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses managed policies to grant these permissions.


Recommendation: Grant an account-wide ReadOnlyAccess managed policy from AWS. AWS automatically updates this policy when new services are added or existing services are modified. New Relic infrastructure integrations have been designed to function with ReadOnlyAccess policies. For instructions, see Connect AWS integrations to infrastructure.

Exception: The Trusted Advisor integration is not covered by the ReadOnlyAccess policy. It requires the additional AWSSupportAccess managed policy. This is also the only integration that requires full access permissions (support:*) in order to correctly operate. We notified Amazon about this limitation. Once it's resolved we'll update documentation with more specific permissions required for this integration.

Optional policy

If you cannot use the ReadOnlyAccess managed policy from AWS, you can create your own customized policy based on the list of permissions. This allows you to specify the optimal permissions required to fetch data from AWS for each integration. While this option is available, it is not recommended because it must be manually updated when you add or modify your integrations.


New Relic has no way of identifying problems related to custom permissions. If you choose to create a custom policy, it is your responsibility to maintain it and ensure proper data is being collected.

There are two ways to set up your customized policy: You can either use our CloudFormation template, or create own yourself by adding the permissions you need.

Option 1: Use our CloudFormation template

Our CloudFormation template contains all the permissions for all our AWS integrations.

A user different than root can be used in the managed policy.

Option 2: Manually add permissions

To create your own policy using available permissions:

  1. Add the permissions for all integrations.
  2. Add permissions that are specific to the integrations you need

The following permissions are used by New Relic to retrieve data for specific AWS integrations:

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