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AWS integrations metrics

We recommend using the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration to ingest AWS services' metrics. For a complete list of available metrics, check the CloudWatch metrics listing documentation for each AWS service.

Dimensional metric naming convention

Metrics received from AWS CloudWatch are stored in New Relic as dimensional metrics following this convention:

  • Metrics are prefixed by the AWS namespace, all lowercase, where / is replaced with .:
    • AWS/EC2 -> aws.ec2
    • AWS/ApplicationELB -> aws.applicationelb
  • The original AWS metric name with its original case:
    • aws.ec2.CPUUtilization
    • aws.s3.5xxErrors
    • aws.sns.NumberOfMessagesPublished
  • If the resource the metric belongs to has a specific namespace prefix, it is used. If the resource the metric belongs to doesn't have a specific namespace prefix, metrics use the aws. prefix.
    • aws.Region
    • aws.s3.BucketName

For more information about namespaces supported by AWS, see the CloudWatch documentation website.

Metrics with multiple dimension combinations

A metric is defined by its name and its different dimensions.

Sometimes the same metric name shows up in multiple metrics with different dimension combinations, for example:

  • aws.apigateway.4XXError with dimensions aws.apigateway.ApiName and aws.apigateway.Stage.
  • aws.apigateway.4XXError with dimensions aws.apigateway.ApiName.

Each of these metrics is ingested as an individual time series.


Some aggregations like sum() or count() will return duplicated results if the correct dimension combination isn't specified.

To avoid some aggregations like sum() or count() matching both metrics at the same time use IS NULL or IS NOT NULL to filter the dimensions. For example:

Matches both metrics at the same time:

SELECT sum(aws.apigateway.4XXError) FROM METRIC

Matches only metric with ApiName dimension:

SELECT sum(aws.apigateway.4XXError) FROM METRIC WHERE aws.apigateway.Stage IS NULL

Matches only metric with 2 dimensions:

SELECT sum(aws.apigateway.4XXError) FROM METRIC WHERE aws.apigateway.ApiName IS NOT NULL and aws.apigateway.Stage IS NOT NULL

Metrics with the by + dimension suffix

For historical reasons, we suffix some metrics that are part of pairs where one of the metric has a dimension but the other doesn't. In these cases we use the by + dimension suffix on the metric that has the dimension. For example:

  • aws.lambda.Duration with dimensions aws.lambda.FunctionName is mapped to aws.lambda.Duration.byFunction
  • aws.lambda.Duration with no dimensions stays the same.

We no longer add these mappings, and we're committed to preserving all the new metrics with their original AWS name, as defined by the general rule above. The following is a complete list of all the metrics that are suffixed with .by + dimensionName:

API Polling metrics

For a reference on available metrics from each one of the polling integrations and their names, check out our doc on the individual integrations.

The following noncomprehensive list displays the metrics collected by the AWS polling integrations and their dimensional metrics translations.

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