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Users with multiple user records

As a New Relic user, you may have more than one user record using the same email address. This would be the case if you had:

Switch between user records

When you log in to New Relic, you can go to the user menu to switch to other user records that have the same email address. When you choose a user record from the menu, you'll be prompted to log in for that user record (either directly to New Relic or via your identity provider).

To access user records that have a different email address, you must log out and log back in.

"Multiple logins found" message

If your email is associated with multiple user records, you'll see a Multiple logins found message upon logging in, and you'll be asked to verify your email. This might happen if you have access to multiple New Relic organizations, or to multiple authentication domains in an organization.

When you have two or more user records for the same email address, you'll receive a message about this during login.

When a user record is marked as Original on the login page, as shown above, that means that user record is on our original user model.

Verifying your email address will allow you to choose which user record to access. If you don't verify your email address, New Relic will try to log you in with the most recently created user record associated with your email address.

To avoid having to verify your email for each login, click the Remember me checkbox on the login screen.

For more on login issues, see Troubleshoot login issues.

Delete user records

If you've accidentally signed up for New Relic, see Delete an organization.

If you want to remove a user record, use the user management UI.

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