AWS Lambda monitoring integration

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.

AWS Lambda is a zero-administration compute platform for back-end web developers that runs your code for you in the AWS cloud and provides you with a fine-grained pricing structure. AWS integration data is available to view in Insights. For lambda polling intervals, see AWS polling intervals.

To enable integrations, see Connect AWS integrations to Infrastructure.

Lambda data

For full descriptions of each metric, see AWS Lambda Metrics.
Name Data type
invocations Integer
errors Integer
duration Long / milliseconds
throttles Integer

Configuration options

This New Relic Infrastructure integration supports the following CloudFront configuration options:

Name Data type Description
/eventSourceMappingConfiguration JSON Describes mapping between an Amazon Kinesis stream and a Lambda function. For full documentation on the possible values, Amazon's documentation for EventSourceMappingConfiguration.
/function JSON A complex type that describes function metadata. For full documentation on the possible values, see Amazon's documentation for FunctionConfiguration.

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