SPA monitoring and New Relic data usage

Page views are used by New Relic Browser to determine customer data usage and product pricing. This document defines a page view in the context of New Relic Browser's SPA monitoring and explains why:

  • SPA monitoring does not affect Browser data usage
  • SPA monitoring will increase Insights data usage

Understand page views

In New Relic Browser, a page view is defined as a complete load or reload of a page, signaled by the firing of the window.onload event.

New Relic's SPA monitoring tracks traditional page views, but it also tracks changes in the browser that do not require a page load, such as:

  • Route and hash changes
  • Synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript
  • Dynamic server-side updates to a page

Route changes are tracked automatically, and by setting up custom instrumentation you can capture almost any type of browser interaction.

SPA monitoring and Browser data usage

With New Relic Browser Pro, pricing is based on an account's number of page views per month. If SPA monitoring is enabled, browser interactions that do not require a page load are not counted as page views for billing purposes. With SPA monitoring, you can track an unlimited number of route changes and other custom browser interactions that don't involve page loads.

SPA route changes are located on the Browser Page views page. However, route changes are not considered page views for billing purposes.

SPA monitoring and Insights data usage

If you switch from standard Browser monitoring to SPA monitoring, and you also pay for Insights (and don't use only your complementary Insights subscription), your Insights data usage will increase. Because SPA monitoring is a more advanced way to monitor your application, it creates more Insights events than standard monitoring for the following reasons:

  • Page views create not only PageView events, but also BrowserInteraction, AjaxRequest, and BrowserTiming events.
  • For the typical SPA-architecture app, there are more route changes than there are standard page loads.

If you pay for Insights and your current Insights license is not sufficient for the amount of Insights events generated with SPA monitoring, New Relic will notify you when you have exceeded your data usage plan. To remedy this, the following options are available:

  • Upgrade your Insights plan.
  • Turn off the collection of some event types via the Insights Manage data page.
  • Use the Browser API to manually turn off collection of some events
  • Switch from Browser SPA monitoring back to standard monitoring

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