Compatibility and requirements for New Relic Browser

New Relic Browser is a robust, standalone product with browser monitoring features that enhance (but do not require) New Relic APM. Before you install New Relic Browser or enable the enhanced features, make sure your system meets these requirements.

For browsers that support the New Relic UI and other New Relic products, see Supported browsers for New Relic's UI.

Basic requirements

To report data to New Relic Browser, your application must at a minimum meet two basic requirements:

  • The traffic to the application must be from clients able to load and execute New Relic's Browser JavaScript code and set cookies.
  • Clients accessing the application must be able to send data to New Relic through HTTP requests. HTTPS is required for Browser Pro features.

Most typical browser applications meet these requirements, but browser applications in restricted environments, such as hybrid mobile applications or those installed on unusual hardware such as point-of-sale terminals or consumer appliances, may have difficulty reporting data to New Relic.

For more information, see Instrumentation for browser monitoring and verify end-user network access.

Browser types

Instrumentation is compatible with every browser type, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, and Apple Safari. The user interface is compatible with New Relic's supported browser versions.


New Relic APM agents

You can deploy the New Relic Browser agent for apps monitored by New Relic APM, or you can deploy the Browser agent for your standalone apps. For more information, see the installation procedures.

If you are deploying New Relic Browser for an app using New Relic APM, make sure your New Relic agent supports Browser monitoring:

  • Java: Version 3.4.0 or higher
  • .NET: Version or higher
  • Node.js: Version 1.4.0 or higher
  • PHP: Version or higher
  • Python: Version or higher
  • Ruby: Version or higher

If you are using an established release of the Java or .NET agent as provided in your account settings, established releases earlier than the versions above support page load timing, but do not support Browser Pro features.

Supported frameworks

The New Relic Browser agent collects data on all front-end frameworks. However, the monitoring occurs on lower-level "primitives" that JavaScript frameworks use, so the level of detail collected by the instrumentation may vary depending on your specific framework.

If your application uses AngularJS and you want to use Browser's SPA monitoring capabilities, Zone.js versions 0.6.18-0.6.24 are not compatible with that feature.

Content Security Policy (CSP) considerations

In order to obtain accurate browser performance metrics, New Relic Browser requires the use of a small, inline JavaScript snippet. New Relic carefully reviews the inline JavaScript to prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and other potential vulnerabilities.

If you are using CSP v2 you need to whitelist the New Relic domains to ensure performance data can be captured from your website. For more information on CSP v2, see Content Security Policy Level 2 on the W3C website.

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