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.NET agent release notesRSS

October 26
.NET agent v10.3.0

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If your organization has established practices that prevent you…

October 3
.NET agent v10.2.0

New Features Add new environment variables to control SendDataOnExit functionality: NEW_RELIC_SEND_DATA_ON_EXIT , NEW_RELIC_SEND_DATA_ON…

September 12
.NET agent v10.1.0

New Features Support of setting up labels via appsettings.json and app/web.config file. #1204 Additional DEBUG-level logging of all…

July 19
.NET agent v10.0.0

New Features Adds support for forwarding application logs to New Relic for .NET Framework 4.6.2 and newer applications using Microsoft…

June 8
.NET agent v9.9.0.0

New Features Adds support for logging metrics, forwarding application logs, and enriching application logs written to disk or standard out…

May 19
.NET agent v9.8.1.0

Fixes Fixes an issue with log forwarding where an agent could momentarily forward logs even if the feature had been disabled at an account…

May 5
.NET agent v9.8.0.0

APM logs in context Automatic application log forwarding is now enabled by default. This version of the agent will automatically send…

April 13
.NET agent v9.7.1.0

Fixes Adds missing instrumentation for application logging feature when using the MSI installer ( #1055 ) Fixes issue on Linux when…

April 4
.NET agent v9.7.0.0

Notice: For the new application logging features, if you install using the MSI, please update to version 9.7.1 or later. New Features Adds…

March 15
.NET agent v9.6.1.0

Fixes Fixes application pool allow/deny listing bug introduced in 9.5.0 ( #1015 ) Checksums File SHA - 256 Hash newrelic-agent-win-9.6.…

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