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Node.js agent release notesRSS

March 15
Node.js agent v9.12.1

Notes Added ability to mark errors as expected when using newrelic.noticeError , by adding an optional boolean: newrelic.noticeError(error…

March 14
Node.js agent v9.12.0

Notes This version of the agent was not available, and has been deprecated. The NPM release pipeline did not run successfully. New Relic…

March 8
Node.js agent v9.11.0

Notes Added instrumentation for Prisma( @prisma/client ). Miniumum supported version of @prisma/client is 4.0.0. Captures spans for…

February 21
Node.js agent v9.10.2

Notes Fix: Replaced request.aborted with response.close in HTTP instrumentation. Fixed issue where setting NEW_RELIC_GRPC_IGNORE_STATUS…

February 13
Node.js agent v9.10.1

Notes Fixed error with Lambda/ALB serverless instrumentation when no response headers were included Support statement: New Relic recommends…

February 9
Node.js agent v9.10.0

Notes Exposed a method on API to obfuscate sql: newrelic.obfuscateSql . Add support for Multi Value Parameters from API Gateway and ALB…

February 6
Node.js agent v9.9.0

Notes Added support for URL obfuscation using regex (Thanks for your contribution @matewilk) For Distributed Tracing, this means that…

January 25
Node.js agent v9.8.1

Notes Changed GCP metadata parsing to use json-bigint to avoid loss of precision from numerical instance ID. Instrumented winston.loggers…

January 17
Node.js agent v9.8.0

Notes Updated getBrowserTimingHeader to allow the browser agent to be generated even when not in a transaction by adding…

January 3
Node.js agent v9.7.5

Notes Added a check to the code level metrics utility to ensure filePath was set before adding the code.* attributes. Updated to latest…

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