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Node.js agent release notesRSS

November 14
Node.js agent v9.7.0

Added new configuration option, grpc.ignore_status_codes, which can be used to select nonzero gRPC status codes to ignore and not report as errors

November 9
Node.js agent v9.6.0

Dropped support for vision, and instead only instrument @hapi/vision. Updated configuration system to automatically create an environment variable mapping for a new config value.It will follow a conve

October 26
Node.js agent v9.5.0

Increased the default limit of custom events from 1,000 events per minute to 3,000 events per minute. In the scenario that custom events were being limited, this change will allow more custom events t

October 17
Node.js agent v9.3.0

Added instrumentation to bunyan to support application logging use cases: forwarding, local decorating, and metrics.Big thanks to @brianphillips for his contribution 🚀. Added c8 to track code coverag

October 6
Node.js agent v9.2.0

Added ability to instrument ES Modules with the New Relic ESM Loader.Example ESM application. Added support for custom ESM instrumentation.There is structure to registering custom ESM instrumentation.

September 22
Node.js agent v9.1.0

Added experimental loader to support instrumentation of CommonJS packages in ECMAScript Module(ESM) applications.It only supports versions of Node.js >= 16.12.0. It is subject to change due to its exp

September 6
Node.js agent v9.0.3

Updated gRPC client instrumenation to respect grpc.record_errors when deciding to log errors on gRPC client requests. Fixed transaction name finalization to properly copy the appropriate transaction n

August 23
Node.js agent v9.0.2

Added unit test suite for lib/logger.js. Added destructive integration test for Configuration instantiation. Added a special case to serialize BigInts when sending them to New Relic. BigInts can appea

August 18
Node.js agent v9.0.1

Fixed properly setting logging metrics when using custom levels with winston. Handled setting the logging metric name to UNKNOWN when using custom log levels in pino and/or winston. Thanks for your co

August 3
Node.js agent v9.0.0

Added official parity support for Node 18. : Dropped Node 12.x support. For further information on our support policy, see Node agent compatibility.Upgraded @newrelic/superagent @newrelic/aws-sdk @ne

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