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November 3
PHP agent v10.3.0.315

New Relic PHP Agent v10.3.0.315 We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If your organization has…

October 3
PHP agent v10.2.0.314

New Relic PHP Agent v10.2.0.314 New Features newrelic-daemon: Informational messages will be logged if the number of connected applications…

September 19
PHP agent v10.1.0.313

New features APM logs in context support for Monolog 2 and 3 The PHP agent will now generate logging metrics for Monolog (versions 2 and…

June 29
PHP agent v10.0.0.312

New features The agent now incorporates updated backend communications which will pave the way to efficiently add new features. Agent tags…

April 26
PHP agent v9.21.0.311

New Relic PHP agent v9.21.0 New features Distributed Tracing is now turned on by default. Distributed Tracing span reservoir size now has…

March 14
PHP agent v9.20.0.310

New Relic PHP agent v9.20.0 New features AWS instance metadata service (IMDS) feature now allows AWS IMDSv2 by @robertprast. New…

March 2
PHP agent v9.19.0.309

New Relic PHP Agent v9.19.0 New Features Added support for 64-bit PHP 8.1! ( #177 ). Compatibility note: Support for PHP 8.1 does not…

August 23, 2021
PHP agent v9.18.1.303

New Relic PHP agent v9.18.1 New features Added a Docker development environment. It's now possible for contributors to both develop and…

April 28, 2021
PHP agent v9.17.1.301

New Relic PHP Agent v9.17.1 Bug Fixes Fixed instances where the agent's mysqli_commit instrumentation returned a NULL instead of a…

April 21, 2021
PHP agent v9.17.0.300

End of life notices This will be the last release in which ZTS builds are supported. In the future, ZTS builds may not be provided, and…

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