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Next.JS App Router Links Broken


You are using the Pro + SPA agent along with the Next.JS framework and the links on your page are not working.

We are aware of an incompatibility between the Pro+SPA Browser Agent and the Next.JS app router since version 13.3.2-canary.2.

This issue may be limited to the use of prefetch on Link components and/or the use of standard HTML elements that contain a onClick callback that invokes the router.push() function.


This issue has been resolved with Next.JS release v13.4.20-canary.5. Please upgrade to version 13.4.20-canary.5 or later of the Next.JS framework.


The browser agent operates by wrapping many browser globals, including Promise. Modifying the Promise global appears to result in an endless loop within the Next.JS app router when a link is clicked.

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