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Subscription usage (original pricing model)


This doc is for accounts on our original Product-based pricing. If you're on the newer pricing model, see the usage-based pricing docs. Not sure which you're on? See Overview of pricing models.

For accounts on our original pricing model, the usage UI lets you predictably track your data usage, and see how that may affect your pricing. This document explains how the subscription usage UI works, and how you can query and retrieve the usage data you need.

To view your usage data:

  • If you are an account owner or admin, you can access subscription usage data in the New Relic UI.
  • If you are not the account owner or admin, you can query usage data by using the NrDailyUsage event.

How it works


Owner and Admins

The subscription usage UI shows how much a New Relic product is being used, and how that usage might affect your account's subscription level and pricing. For example, you can see:

  • How much your organization's departments or child accounts are contributing to billable New Relic usage. This is useful, for example, if your organization uses IT chargebacks.
  • How close you are to going above your Insights Pro subscription level.

To understand your product usage, use any of these resources:

View usage data in UI


Only the account Owner and Admins can view the usage UI. However, anyone in your account can query usage data using the NrDailyUsage event.

To view New Relic subscription usage data:

  1. Go to the usage UI.
  2. For an overview of account usage across all products, select Usage.
  3. To view usage for a specific product, select its Usage page.

Every New Relic product has its own unit of measurement to calculate usage. For example, Mobile tracks monthly active users. Aside from the unit of measurement, the UI charts and features are similar for all products.

UI features

Here are some of the general features available on New Relic usage UI pages. For product-specific UI and calculation details, see the product usage documentation.

If you want to...

Do this...

Switch time range

Use the Time picker to switch between the view of the data from the current calendar month and the data from the last 30 days. All time measurements in the UI use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Switch to different account levels

To select account levels, such as customer partnerships, parent accounts, and child accounts, select Scope to.

Download CSV

On product-specific usage pages, select Download CSV to get a comma-separated value file. The columns and data in the CSV match the data shown in the UI.

Group data

On product-specific pages, the default chart view is organized by Account name. To switch to other ways of grouping your data, such as by application or host, select Group by.

View query

Mouse over a chart and select , then select View query.

See chart segment details

To display more details on charts with multiple segments, mouse over any segment.

Query usage data

New Relic stores your usage data as an NrDailyUsage event type. The usage charts have an associated NRQL query that is close to what you see in the UI.

For product-specific attributes and example NRQL queries, keep reading.

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