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Choose your data center (US or EU)

New Relic's global data hosting structure consists of two regions: the European Union (EU) region and the United States (US) region. Selecting your preferred region during the account setup process allows you to specify the region where your performance monitoring data will be hosted. You can also create accounts in each region.


Access to the New Relic EU region requires the latest agent version.

Minimum agent version required:

Regions and availability

Your choice of data center is not limited by your geographic location. You can choose to create an account with data hosted in either the EU or US region, regardless of where you or your systems reside. You can also create accounts in each region.

New Relic offers almost all the same active products, features, support offerings, and performance levels in the EU region as what is offered in the US region.

Exceptions: The following are not supported with an EU region account:

New Relic's incident intelligence service operates solely in the US whether you store your data in New Relic’s US region data center or New Relic’s EU region data center, by using New Relic incident intelligence, you consent that New Relic may move and store your data in the US region.

New Relic CodeStream operates solely in the US. Whether you have selected New Relic's US or EU region data center during setup of your New Relic account, when using New Relic CodeStream, you consent that your New Relic CodeStream data will get stored in the US.

Regions and account hierarchy

You can create accounts in each region. If your data is currently being hosted in the US region, you must create a new account to store data in the EU region. You cannot view EU data from a US account, or US data from an EU account.

The data collected remains separate. The data cannot be aggregated or migrated between accounts.

For organizations that have a parent/child account structure, you can only have one parent account. For more, see Manage apps or users with child accounts.

For partnership accounts, no changes to the partnership owner account are required. However, data cannot be shared across regions, so a partnership requires a parent account for each region.

Create an EU region account

To create a New Relic account in the EU region:

  1. Go to the New Relic signup page.


    If you have a specific offer from a New Relic partner, follow that link directly.

  2. Follow the online steps to create your account.

  3. From the Select your region dropdown, select European Union.

  4. Agree to the Terms of Service.

  5. When you receive an email confirmation message, select the link to confirm your account and sign in to New Relic. Then install or update to the most recent agent version.

API endpoints for EU region accounts

If you have an EU region account, use the appropriate endpoints to access the following New Relic APIs:


EU endpoint

Browser source maps API


Infrastructure Alert API


Mobile apps


NerdGraph GraphiQL API


Partner API

The partner API is a global API with no regional data differences. Use this endpoint for both EU and US accounts:




Synthetic monitoring REST API


Trace API


Metric API




Event API


Insights Query API


Access New Relic

If your accounts report data to the EU data center, use the following link to go to New Relic: one.eu.newrelic.com.

Billing and pricing

New Relic's account billing process and pricing options are the same for both the EU and US regions.

Operational access and processing

Customer Data is hosted in the region selected during account creation. Systems Operations Data is stored in the US region. All other information, including account information (such as license subscription information, billing, and internal monitoring) is hosted in the US region and replicated in the EU region.

New Relic may access and process Customer Data in the United States and such other jurisdictions where New Relic has affiliates and subsidiaries, including as may be necessary to maintain, secure, or perform the services, to provide technical support, or as necessary to comply with law or a binding order of a government body.

Customer Data from existing New Relic accounts cannot be transferred or shared across regions, and new data generated cannot be shared with existing accounts, even in partnership accounts.

Verify your account is based in EU region

Use either of these options to verify whether your account data is hosted in the EU region's data center:

  • In APM, mouse over the application name to view the URL. If it begins with rpm.eu.newrelic.com/, it is an EU-based account.
  • Check your New Relic license key. If it begins with EU, it is an EU-based account.
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