Upgrade or downgrade your New Relic subscriptions


If the current Owner no longer is with your organization, contact your account representative at New Relic to change the account Owner, or get support at support.newrelic.com.

When upgrading or downgrading your subscription, the billing amount depends on the product level and pricing model you select. New Relic allows you to select a monthly or annual commitment for your account by compute-units or host-based pricing.

Evaluate subscription options

To help you determine which pricing option is best for you, the Subscription page in New Relic's user interface includes an estimator based on usage data gathered during your trial period. You can also view compute-units usage or host-based usage through New Relic's user interface at any time.

Change product subscription


Depending on whether you select compute-units pricing or host-based pricing, the self-service options for the Subscription page in New Relic's user interface change. However, the basic workflow is the same.

To view, upgrade, or downgrade the New Relic product levels and pricing options for your account's subscription:

  1. Go to account.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Account settings > Account > Subscription.
  2. New subscriptions: Review the options for Dynamic (compute-units pricing) or Dedicated (host-based pricing) environments, and select Start here.
  3. Continue with the self-service workflow for compute-units pricing or host-based pricing as applicable.
  4. Review the available options for pricing level, commitment or duration, and number of compute units or hosts, and select your choices.
  5. If applicable, select the option to apply a promotional code.
  6. Select Checkout or Save subscription changes as applicable.
  7. Complete the process to confirm your New Relic account's credit card.
  8. Agree to New Relic's Terms of Service and Supplemental Payment Terms as appropriate.

If you downgrade your account subscription, you may also see an optional New Relic survey.

Switch between host-based and compute-units pricing

For information about changing your account from host-based pricing to compute-units pricing (or vice versa), contact your account representative at New Relic, or contact New Relic's Billing Department.

Change partner account subscription

For information about upgrading or downgrading a New Relic account originally created through a partnership offer, contact your account representative at New Relic, or contact New Relic's Billing Department.

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