Compute Unit pricing and Host pricing

New Relic offers two pricing model options: Compute Unit (CU) pricing or Host pricing. CU pricing, also known as Cloud Pricing, is ideal for customers running dynamic computing environments in the cloud. Host pricing is ideal for customers with mainly static environments, consisting of hosts managed by the customer in their own data center.

Depending on your model, you will see either Compute Unit usage or Host usage when viewing the Account usage page in the New Relic UI.

A single account cannot have both Host and Compute Unit pricing.

Hosts, machines, and instances

A host is a physical machine, virtual machine, or cloud instance that runs the application being monitored by New Relic:

  • A physical machine is a hardware-based device with dedicated physical resources, including memory, processing, and storage. Each machine has its own OS which applications run on.
  • A virtual machine (VM) is the software implementation of a physical machine that executes programs like a physical machine. One or more virtual machines can run on a physical machine. Each virtual machine has its own OS and allocated virtual machine resources such as RAM and CPU.
  • A cloud instance is a type of virtual machine that is run in the public cloud. In this context, virtual machines and cloud instances are different from Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and containers.

Compute Unit pricing

With Compute Unit (CU) pricing, your monthly price is determined by the by the size of the host or instance running New Relic, and number of hours it connects to New Relic monthly. The instance size is determined by the amount of computing power and memory in the instance. An hour is considered consumed if a host is connected to New Relic at any time during the hour.

Availability of CU pricing depends on the New Relic product. For example:

  • New Relic APM offers both Host-based and CU pricing.
  • New Relic Infrastructure only offers CU pricing.

CUs are calculated as follows:


For example:

  • An instance with 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM, connected to New Relic for one hour, consumes 4 CUs.
  • An instance with 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM, connected to New Relic for an entire month (equivalent to 750 hours), consumes 3000 CUs.

You can purchase blocks of CUs to be consumed on a monthly basis. The total number of CUs purchased monthly is calculated by adding up the estimated CU consumption for all hosts for the month. There is no month-to-month rollover of unused CUs. Also, New Relic does not charge by JVMs, containers (such as Docker or Cloud Foundry), or application instances.

Price points and CU caps vary, depending on the New Relic product and subscription level. You can view account usage from the New Relic UI.

Host pricing

With host pricing, New Relic charges a fixed fee per connected host on a monthly basis. Once connected to New Relic, hosts are distinguished by their unique hostnames.

A host is connected to New Relic when the language agent is active and is deployed on the host.New Relic does not charge by containers (such as Docker or Cloud Foundry), JVMs, or application instances.

New Relic measures one host as a host or equivalent that is connected to New Relic for a full 750 hours. Example: Two hosts connected to New Relic for 375 hours each for one month will be counted as one full host or equivalent host.

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