Get started with New Relic

Welcome to New Relic! You just joined thousands of others who are managing applications in increasingly complicated environments. We're your partner. Together, we can help you see what's happening in your application, understand where the problems are, and make sure you never miss an issue that needs attention.

Let's get started together. We're going to take you through the basics to manage your application and services. Follow these steps and you'll be set up for success:

  1. Get data reporting.
  2. Improve your application's performance.
  3. Organize your applications with labels.
  4. Get notified if something goes wrong (alerts).
New Relic APM Overview Starting from the APM Overview page, dive into the wealth of tables, charts, and other dashboards showing current and historical trends about your app's performance.

Get data reporting. In order to see what's happening in your application, you need to install our agent in your environment. This connection allows your application to send data about its performance. Learn how.

Improve app performance. Now that you can see data from your application, it's time to put that data to work and analyze how you can improve its performance. Learn how.

Organize your applications. Use labels to make it easier to find, view, and compare only the entities that are meaningful to you. Learn how.

Get notified if something goes wrong. Diagnosing the problem after the fact is important, but it's more important to know that you have a problem, or are about to have one. Learn how.