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New Relic manual installation

Once you've signed up for a New Relic account, you're ready to add your data. You can do this in one of two ways: using our guided installation or choosing a manual approach. For the guided install, follow the step-by-step instructions provided. If you prefer a more manual approach, explore the options below. Take your time to choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences.

Install APM agent

Use our application performance monitoring (APM) monitoring to learn about your web or non-web application's performance. We support these apps for several programming languages:

C agent
Go agent
Java agent
.NET agent
Node.js agent
PHP agent
Python agent
Ruby agent

For Windows .NET applications on IIS, use our guided install in New Relic to get started with .

If you're on an EU server, use our launcher for EU accounts instead.

Install browser monitoring

Our measures full page lifecycle and session data such as page popularity and user satisfaction (Apdex), JavaScript error analysis, interaction events, AJAX requests, and more.

See browser monitoring install.

Install infrastructure monitoring

We provide flexible, dynamic observability of your entire , from a data center to thousands of Amazon, Google Cloud, or Azure instances, or containers running in orchestrated environments. Learn how your hosts are performing by monitoring their health and performance. This includes gathering information about their application context and logs.

Install logs

We offer a fast, scalable platform so you can connect your logs with the rest of your telemetry and infrastructure data in a single place.

Install mobile monitoring

Analyze your Android and iOS application performance, and troubleshoot crashes:

Install network monitoring

Understanding “Is it the network?” begins with collecting network telemetry and using the power of the New Relic platform to navigate and explore each unique telemetry type.

Don't know where to start? Check out the guided deployment wizard.

Already know what telemetry you want to add? Start here with Instant Observability.

Install synthetic monitors

Synthetic monitoring allows you to proactively monitor your website or API endpoint to make sure your content is fully functional. Send scripted browser tests to your site from locations all around the world to verify your content is always up, everywhere.

Synthetic monitoring doesn't require installation, except for its containerized private minions feature.

Use other open source telemetry tools

If you want to send us telemetry data from other open source tools, check out these options:

Report custom data from any source

If our more curated agents and integrations don't provide what you need, we give you access to APIs and SDKs that let you report data from any source. See Get custom data into New Relic from any source page for more info.

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