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Errors inbox in APM: track and triage errors for faster resolution

Errors inbox is a single place to proactively detect, triage, and take action on all the errors before they impact customers. Receive alerts whenever a critical, customer-impacting error arises via your preferred communication channel.

Errors inbox is embedded in the UI so you can resolve errors faster. Errors are grouped to cut down on noise and collaborating across teams is easy with shared visibility to the same error data.


Errors inbox is not available in the EU region.

How to triage errors in APM

No additional setup or workloads are needed to triage errors in APM. Just navigate to the APM service you want to view and follow the steps below:

  1. On the APM UI overview screen, click the Errors inbox option in the left-hand navigation in the triage section.
  2. This errors inbox view groups errors related specifically to the APM service you are looking at. You can see all error details and also triage the error right in the APM UI.
  3. Click an error group's details to see the stack trace, logs in context attributes, and other information without navigating to other screens or services.
  4. Click Go to global inbox for the broader errors inbox experience, which groups errors across the entire stack, including and errors. New Relic automatically finds a workload that includes the APM service you were looking at or prompts you to create a new workload.

Using errors inbox in APM gives you an added layer of convenience, allowing you to triage errors without switching screens.

Connect an inbox to Slack

When connected to Slack, new and resurfaced error groups will be sent to a Slack channel within seconds of them occurring. This enables your team to quickly identify any new errors or regressions, and resolve them quickly with direct links to the stack trace.

  1. If your Slack workspace does not have the New Relic app installed, do that first.
  2. From an inbox, select the Inbox Settings icon (looks like a gear) in the top right corner.
  3. Toggle the Slack button to on if it is off.
  4. If no workspaces are available, click the "+" button to enable Slack with a one click Slack authentication.
  5. Once authenticated, you will be able to select a Workspace and specific Channel to send notifications to.
  6. Click "Test" to ensure messages are being sent to the right channel.

Learn more about errors inbox

To learn more about the full capabilities of errors inbox, check out our dedicated errors inbox doc.

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