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Get started with Vulnerability Management

Overcome security blindspots with the New Relic Vulnerability Management capability. Modern software is composed of thousands of components, and legacy security offerings don’t give security teams or individual developers the necessary insight to monitor and remediate vulnerabilities these components introduce.

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Vulnerability Management provides a birds-eye view of all your software's vulnerabilities so you can:

  • Identify the most urgent vulnerabilities
  • Calculate the vulnerability surface area of your software
  • Triage and assign vulnerabilities to users with explicit remediation steps provided

Visit one.newrelic.com to get started today.

View security insight for developers, security teams, and architects

Our Vulnerability Management capability provides functionality for developers, security teams, security engineers, and architects:

I want to:

  • Maintain a healthy application
  • Identify the most urgent vulnerabilities in my software portfolio
  • Understand the severity of vulnerabilities
  • Surface “security” tasks from my security team in my daily workflow so it's easy to deliver more secure software with less toil
Insights for developers

I want to:

  • Calculate the vulnerability surface area of your software systems
  • Understand how runtime architecture of each application affects business risk, vulnerability and severity
  • Assign security tasks to individual developers

Monitor your vulnerabilities now

To get started:

  1. Create a New Relic account to start monitoring and remediating your vulnerabilities.
  2. Start sending vulnerability data from our APM agents or third-party assessment tools or one of our agents.


  • Vulnerability Management is available to full platform users.
  • Vulnerability Management required 'read' permissions for the 'vulnerabilities' capability

To report vulnerability data using an APM agent, ensure it supports vulnerability reporting.

See our pricing docs for more information on Vulnerability Management pricing.

User roles in Vulnerability Management

Capabilities used by Vulnerability Management:

Removing user access to Vulnerability Management

Users with the ability to create/adjust roles within their organization can modify who has access to Vulnerability Management. You can remove access to Vulnerability Management by creating a custom role that does not have 'read' permissions for the 'vulnerabilities' capability. You must then apply this custom role to the users that you wish to restrict.

Granting access to Vulnerability Management

Review the current custom roles created for your organizations. Add 'read' permissions for the 'vulnerabilities' capability to grant access to view Vulnerability Management. Standard roles are automatically be granted this capability but custom roles need to have 'read' permissions granted.

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