Switch between New Relic products

New Relic's user interface easily allows you to switch between different products. The New Relic menu bar at rpm.newrelic.com includes color-coded product names as a set of tabs; for example, New Relic APM, Browser, Synthetics, Mobile, Plugins, Insights, Infrastructure.

New Relic user interface: product dropdown
New Relic menu bar: This example shows the New Relic user interface at rpm.newrelic.com and the New Relic APM product selected. To switch to another color-coded product: From the menu bar's product dropdown, select the product name (for example, Browser).
If you want to... Do this...
View the indexed list of your apps (hosts, plugins, etc.) for a product From the top New Relic menu bar, select the product type: APM, Browser, Synthetics, Mobile, Plugins, Insights, Infrastructure.
View and use the pages for your selected app. Select the name from the index (for example, My_Application), then select a page from the left menu bar (for example, Monitoring > Overview).
Return to the currently selected product's index

Select the link below the product type on the New Relic top menu bar:

  • From New Relic APM, select Applications.
  • From New Relic Browser, select Browser apps.
  • From New Relic Mobile, select Mobile apps.
  • From New Relic Plugins, select Plugin central.
  • From New Relic Infrastructure, select Compute.
  • From New Relic Insights, select Query (for new NRQL queries) or All dashboards (for existing dashboards).
  • From New Relic Synthetics, select Monitors.
Switch to a different product Select your choice from the New Relic top menu bar.

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