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Troubleshoot access to features and data

There are several factors that can affect your access to a New Relic feature, or New Relic data.

Permissions-related factors

User-related settings can impact the features or data you have access to. If you think your user permissions are preventing you from accessing something, you or your admins should examine your assigned user type, roles, and accounts to understand what you have access to.

Potential permissions-related factors that can affect your access:

User type

Your user type (basic, core, or full platform) can affect what you can access. In most cases, features that are off-limits due to user type will show a UI message about that.

Assigned roles

Your assigned roles can affect what you can access. How your user roles and permissions work depends on which user model you're on:

Pricing edition

We have four pricing editions: Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Your edition affects your access to some features. For more on this, see Editions.

Exceeding session and IP address limits

A New Relic user is prohibited from sharing their login with other people. To enforce that rule, we have limits on the number of active sessions and IP addresses that a New Relic user in an organization can have at one time. A New Relic user can have a maximum of three concurrent active sessions in use at any given time, or three unique IP addresses in use at any given time. (In this context, a session represents a unique login to the New Relic platform. The session is tracked by a token assigned for that session.)

If you exceed the limit, you'll see an Active session limit reached message upon login and an option to close open sessions.

For how to configure your users' sessions, see Session settings.

Account access and login factors

If you're logged in but can't find an expected account or UI page, it may be because you're in the wrong account in your organization or in the wrong authentication domain in your organization. Some tips:

Other related docs:

Error messages about feature access

You might encounter an error screen in the New Relic UI for one of several reasons, including:

  • You don't have permissions to view that feature, or don't have the proper account access.
  • A monitored entity wasn't found. This might result in an error like "The entity you're looking for either doesn't exist or isn't associated with your account".

Data retention

Different types of New Relic data have different data retention periods. Once data has passed a given data retention point, it may be deleted or be aggregated for longer term storage. For details, see Data retention.

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