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New Relic login options

There are several ways a New Relic user can log into a New Relic organization:

  • Email and password: The default login method. This involves inputting your email address and a password.
  • Google: Use an existing Google or Google Workplace account to log in to New Relic.
  • Single sign-on: For identity provider login options, see Introduction to SAML SSO and SCIM.

Having trouble logging in? See Login troubleshooting.

For managing how your users log in, see Authentication domains.

How users are tracked in an organization

A New Relic organization can have multiple accounts, and can assign users to one or more accounts with our user management solutions. We track users by email address, so if you add a user to multiple accounts, as long as those user records have the same email address, they're treated as a single user. For more on this, see User billing.

Switch between user records

For users with access to more than one user record, see Switch between user records.

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