Understand and use ECS data

New Relic Infrastructure's on-host ECS integration reports and displays performance data from your Amazon ECS environment. This document explains how to find, understand, and use the data reported by this integration.

View data

To view the ECS integration dashboard:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com and select Entity explorer.

  2. On the left, search for ECS clusters, or type the name of your ECS cluster in the search bar.

  3. To view a dashboard, select the entity name corresponding to your ECS cluster.

In addition to the pre-built dashboards, you can also create your own custom queries and charts using the chart builder. To learn how to query this data, see Understand data.

Query your data

Data reported by this integration is displayed in its dashboards and is also available for querying and the creation of custom charts and dashboards.

This integration reports an EcsClusterSample event, with attributes clusterName and arn.

Other types of data that may be available for querying:

All the events reported from an ECS cluster contain the attributes ecsClusterName and ecsClusterArn.

Here's an example NRQL query that returns the count of containers associated with each Docker image in an ECS cluster named MyClusterName created in us-east-1:

SELECT uniqueCount(containerId) 
  FROM ContainerSample 
  WHERE awsRegion = 'us-east-1' 
  AND ecsClusterName = 'MyClusterName' 

To learn more about creating custom queries and charts:

For more help

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