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Optimize your ingest data

In the previous step, you created and refined your data optimization plan by checking your baseline report against your organization's objectives. Once you've lined up your data and measured it against your value drivers, you can start to optimize, and potentially reduce, your ingest data. There are two main ways to do this:

  • Optimize for data efficiency
  • Optimize using drop rules

We'll cover both methods below, as well as all the possible configurations that each option provides.

Optimize for data efficiency

This section includes various ways to configure New Relic features to optimize data reporting and ingest:

Optimize with drop rules

A simple rule for understanding what you can do with drop rules is: If you can query it you can drop it. Drop filter rules help you accomplish several important goals:

  • Lower costs by storing only the logs relevant to your account.
  • Protect privacy and security by removing personal identifiable information (PII).
  • Reduce noise by removing irrelevant events and attributes.


When creating drop rules, you're responsible for ensuring that the rules accurately identify and discard the data that meets the conditions that you've established. You're also responsible for monitoring the rule, as well as the data you disclose to New Relic. Always test and retest your queries and, after you install the drop rule, make sure it works as intended. Creating a dashboard to monitor your data pre- and post-drop will help.

Here's some guidance for using drop rules to optimize data ingest for specific tools:

What's next?

With the optimization step complete, you've finished the optimizing telemetry data tutorial! If your account has an account executive, you can contact them for further guidance on where to go next and ensuring you're optimized.

If you're new to the New Relic platform, you can visit our other tutorial series to learn more about optimizing your system using our platform:

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