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Infrastructure agent configuration settings

The infrastructure agent has a large set of configuration settings to fine-tune its behavior. Here we:

  • List all the configuration options (in both their YAML and the environment variable names).
  • Explain what the settings do and when to use them.
  • Give the variable type and default value (if any).
  • List the minimum required agent version as applicable.

For an example of how all these variables can be used, see our sample configuration template.


license_key is the only required setting.

Agent variables

Cloud variables

If the agent is running in a cloud instance, the agent will try to detect the cloud type and fetch metadata.

Debug variables

Docker variables

File system variables

Hostname variables

Installation variables


With secrets management, you can configure on-host integrations with New Relic Infrastructure's agent to use sensitive data (such as passwords) without having to write them as plain text into the integration's configuration file. For more information, see Secrets management.

Integrations variables

Inventory variables

Example as an environment variable:


Linux variables

Logging variables

Metrics variables

Plugins variables


You can quickly disable all the variables by setting DisableAllPlugins to true, and turn on only those options you need.

Proxy variables

For infrastructure agent version 1.3.1 or higher, the precedence of the proxy configuration settings is:

  • proxy

If you are having problems with proxy configuration, see Proxy troubleshooting.

Samples variables

Security variables

Windows variables

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