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Investigate a mobile app crash report

Mobile monitoring's Crash report provides a summary and in-depth details on crashes, including:

  • Device and OS breakdown
  • App version
  • Occurrence count
  • Unique users affected
  • A timeline of the interactions and events associated with the crash
  • In-depth details from a sample of occurrences

View the crash report

To view a crash report:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Mobile > (select an app) > Exceptions > Crash analysis.
  2. From the Crash list table, select any row.
  3. Review the selected crash report's summary and detail information.
  4. Optional: Query or share the chart data.
  5. Optional: Export to Xcode or resymbolicate your source code for easier debugging.
  6. To file a ticket, select any of the options integrated with your system.
  7. To close the crash report: At the top of the report, select Mark resolved.
  8. To return to the Crash list table: At the top of the report, select Back to crash analysis.

View crash report drill-down details

Use any of New Relic's standard UI functions to drill down into detailed information. The Crash report page includes several additional options.

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