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Set time range on Insights dashboards and charts


As of April 12, 2021, we are upgrading Insights to an improved web and mobile experience! All of your Insights URLs will be redirected automatically to the corresponding dashboards in New Relic One. For more details about this migration and how you can easily plan for this transition, see our Explorers Hub post.

You can set time ranges with New Relic Insights by using a time picker or by using NRQL queries for event widgets. Insights always displays the query results based on your browser's time zone.

Chart refresh intervals vary based on the specified time frame. Also, the date ranges available to query depend on your subscription level and data retention period for the New Relic product you are querying.

Set time range using time picker

Use the time picker to quickly set relative time ranges or to set time ranges with specific start and end timestamps. New Relic automatically offsets your browser's time zone when viewing the results.

When using the time picker to set a custom date range, you can select a maximum range of seven days on the calendar. The time picker's appearance and functionality vary, depending on the chart or page you are viewing.

Set time range using NRQL

For event widgets, NRQL allows more control over the time range than the time picker. Use NRQL clauses SINCE and UNTIL to set the time range with relative timestamps or UTC timestamps. To specify the time zone offset for the queried data, use the method appropriate to the type of range you are using.

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