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Import, export, add, and share dashboards and charts

Dashboards is a powerful tool to visualize and track how your system is doing, and allows you to tackle issues and plan next steps. Learn to share all that information with your team, customers, or other stakeholders, using the following options to import, share and export dashboards, or add and share charts (or other content) in a dashboard.

Import, share, and export dashboards

At the dashboards index, you can import a dashboard as JSON.

From any dashboard, share it with one of these options:

  • Copy the dashboard's permalink.
  • Copy your dashboard as JSON and add it to the clipboard by clicking on the </> icon on the right corner.
  • Export your dashboard as a pdf file clicking the icon.

You can also duplicate your dashboard.

Add and share charts and content from your dashboards

Add new content to a dashboard

You can add new content to any dashboard from metrics and events and query builder features.

Also, in a given dashboard, to add content:

  • Click the edit button at the top right corner, then create new content by clicking the Add widget button. Add a new chart using the query builder, or add text, images, or links using our markdown editor.
  • Use the + Add to your dashboard button.

From any chart, use the chart action menu on the upper right corner to copy or duplicate the chart.

Troubleshooting chart errors

When adding charts you may come across these error messages:

Error message


External Service 'NRDB' execution resulted in 400 - cause: TIMESERIES step size is larger than the current time window.

The TIMESERIES step size is larger than the selected time window. Modify the step and run the query again.

External Service 'NRDB' execution resulted in 400 - cause: Your query's start time must be before its end time.

The provided startTime of the query must be before the endTime. Modify it and run the query again.

NerdGraphGetAuthorizedAccountsCommand short-circuited and fallback disabled.

Communication failed while we were authorizing the request. Try again in a few minutes.

No application was matched (did you specify appId, appName or entity.guid?)

No entity matched the query. Review the specified appId, appName or entity.guid and run the query again.

NRQL Syntax Error: Error at line 1 position 15, unexpected 'FROM'

FACET and TIMESERIES are not supported on events.

Your query has syntax issues. Review it in the query builder to find the error.

Query rejected due to inspected count limit exceeded by this query group.

You’ve exceeded your querying limits. Check out our data usage limits and policies per account.

Something went wrong while executing your query.

There was an unexpected error while fetching the data. Try again in a few minutes. If this persists, contact support at https://support.newrelic.com/.

TIMESERIES supports a maximum of 366 buckets

The TIMESERIES bucket size is too low to span all the selected time window. Modify the bucket size and run the query again.

You are not authorized to query account 2022412

You don’t have access to this account. Contact your admin for further assistance.

Your query either timed out or we're under heavy load. Navigate to https://support.newrelic.com/ for further assistance.

NRDB is experiencing heavy loads, which cause intermittent time-outs. Try again in a few minutes.

Validation error on 'nrql': a query must be specified

You need to provide a valid NRQL query. Learn more about our query language.

Share your charts, and other options

For details about what you can do with the charts on your dashboards, see Chart options.

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